Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Snapshot

With what will perhaps be a new feature on the blog, I have decided to comb my photo archives and share a photo on Sundays. I have done such a horrible job with recapping our trips and sharing photos that I hope the Sunday Snapshot give these types of posts a home (rather than just the random: O Hai, I went to Rome! type of post).


I thought this was kind of a cool place to start. This is a photo of the adornments on top of the gates surrounding Buckingham Palace in London. Hal and I visited Buckingham on March 12, our first day in Londan.

Now, the first time I was at Buckingham in 2000, we were milling about on a beautiful June day taking pictures, when low and behold, the Queen drove in! (Well, let's be honest, she didn't drive, she was driven. And she waved. Like you would expect the Queen of England to wave.) That was super cool. This time, no Queen (more importantly, no William or Harry) and not much sun. But cool skies and neat little designs and architecture. We enjoyed staring at the Palace as rain misted and drizzled around us, but as for London, Buckingham isn't my favorite place.

While I was in London and Paris in March, I developed an unhealthy love for wrought iron-ish things (see Tower, Eiffel). So I have a bunch of pictures of little designs on fences and gates and doors. Silliness. To show you what I mean, see Exhibit 2:


Again with the Buckingham! Again through a gold-colored gate. This is a picture of a gate shot through a gate! What the heck -- it's a postmodern explosion of nonsense! (Note to self: Let's do some editing before we post pictures next week, ok?) Anyway, this was an ok idea in theory. I don't know how well it really worked out in practice.

I also really enjoy photographing light posts. I have no idea where this comes from. I apparently have a fixation on lamp posts (perhaps from School's Out Parties of yore, where the party wouldn't start until the streetlight came on?), and spend too much time photographing them.

Both of these photos prove one thing: thank goodness I have digital cameras these days. I would be a poor, poor woman if I were still shooting film.

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Kim said...

I really like these pictures. Reminds me of when I was in Paris.