Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas is over

I am always sad to take Christmas down and put it away.

The trees, nativity sets, lights, snowmen, and Rudolph all make me so happy. But we took it all down and put it away tonight. Our house currently seems rather bare (and a little bigger). It's too bad it's not cool to leave it up all year around.

Luckily for my parents, this weekend got really warm for our area -- about 50 degrees! Because of this, my dad had three very willing helpers in taking down the lights. Hal, Jennie, Dad, and I finished the job in record time. It was weird to be doing that work in January wearing just a sweatshirt!

So we're back in Bloomington. Which means back to the thesis. I'm getting done with it (at least the first draft) by the end of the week. Then I am heading back home by myself to help my mom start her scrapbook for her Europe trip she and Dad took in September. Why didn't we start it earlier, you ask? Well, because I totally forgot to bring all my tools home with me. So mom had... tape.

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