Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I have never seen anyone play basketball like Jodie Meeks did tonight.

54 points! Enough to be the almost 40-year-old single-game record for UK. What a fantastic game.

We have surmised that Meeks' basketball prowess has come from my brother, who was in his accounting class/his accounting partner, something to that effect. Good job, Stephen! ;) My father said that there was only one time he had an athletic performance like that -- he was in the Dunkin' Donuts throwing donut holes/munchkins into his pie-hole. (And he said pie hole.)

As always, fantastic sports things make me a little emotional, and I sat shivering in my chair while watching the game, either from cold or just because I was keyed up. (Don't get me started on my sister's senior year in volleyball -- waterworks will begin...) I put off my homework to now, so I'm going to be reading a bit before I go to bed. However, it was totally worth it. What an unbelievable performance.

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