Friday, January 9, 2009

Mom and scrapbooking

My sister says that my last couple of posts have been too intense.

I have come home this weekend to help mom with a very important task. That's right, I'm teaching her to scrapbook.

Mom is doing a very good job. She is making a scrapbook of her Mediterranean cruise she and Dad took in September. We have been organizing pictures and getting things ready. We also were able to complete three pages today!

This is a huge accomplishment, as Mom is scared of crafts. She doesn't like crafts all that much; she was the mom who "sewed" on our Brownie patches using hot glue guns. So I'm very proud of her for working on the scrapbooking, even though the supplies are taking up the entire dining room table.

I hope that she'll have some good progress this weekend!


Anonymous said...

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