Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am back, so quit your whining ;)

So apparently several people (who, ahem, never comment) are angry with me because I haven't updated this blog in a week.

I do apologize. I have been scrambling on my school work this weekend because I didn't get anything done while on retreat. (Which seemed to go well -- I hope, anyway.)

Several things are going on this week. First of all, I'm going to send out a little note to my Me Ma, my grandmother, who is having an angiogram tomorrow. We're keeping our fingers crossed that any procedure to come will be minimal and easy to recover from. We all love her very much!

Second, the time has come. The swim club's HOME MEET is in two weeks. I will be signing up to swim at least one event. I know I will be swimming the 50 butterfly. I am considering putting 3 minutes down for my time. Stephen told me that I should be able to do it in his fastest time, which is 28 seconds. I assured him that I MIGHT be able to do a 25 fly in 28 seconds, but there is no way I will do a 50 in that time period.

Third, the second draft of the thesis will be turned in tomorrow. Hopefully that will be the end of it, as the time I have left is drawing to a close. My adviser asked if I really thought I could sneak past her the fact that I had only one paragraph on the theoretical contribution of my study. I told her I hoped she simply wouldn't notice. (Perhaps in the sheer brilliance of the rest of the piece.)

Fourth, Hal and I are 98 percent sure we have a home to rent starting in June! We are very excited about this and we hope that it does indeed work out. The lease is signed and in the mail, we're just waiting for the owners to receive it. Once that happens, I will tell you all about it. It's safe to say that we will have plenty of room for visitors, the dog, and our 10 billion pounds of junk.

I am back to my regularly scheduled posting -- so look for more here tomorrow!

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