Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The White Death is Upon Us

It's hereeeeeee.

The White Death.


You would think the world is ending. The Cincinnati Enquirer proclaims that the ice storm may be THE. WORST. EVER. Bloomington's paper has released some sort of statement from the police about traveling on certain roads (but we can't read it because their website is subscription only -- we can only see that the police have released some statement tantamount to our safety). The high school is off for TWO days in a row (unbelievable!) and apparently my county is closed tomorrow.

There is always a good snowfall every year. But it creates mass chaos from people who have, year after year, no idea how to deal with the snow. Luckily, Bloomington is small enough that Hal doesn't have to drive far for work. There are few hills in town and no expressways. So that's good.

Mrs. Kyle, the Latin teacher at my high school, must have overdone herself with her snow dance.

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Crystal said...

There is definitely some epic white death here. I think the poor tree in our front yard is about to give out! ...and the snow is still coming down hard.