Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mom is a pro!

Mom is turning into a scrapbooking pro! We went shopping today for some extra paper and things and she went crazy in the scrapbook store. We came back and she knocked off several pages without me having to do anything -- she doesn't need me anymore!

In other news, I picked up prescription goggles today. My eye doctor was thoroughly appalled that I was swimming nightly in contacts, even with goggles over them. Apparently the pool is disgusting and she was afraid that my eyes would carry away some terrible bacteria that would then live in my contact case waiting for a day to strike me and poke out my eyes just like Oedipus' mom. She decided to try to prescribe me DAILY contacts JUST FOR SWIMMING. Which, of course, if I was Michael (or Michelle) Phelps, that might be a good idea. However, I am not close to being Michael (Michelle) Phelps and therefore the added expense of daily wear contacts just for swimming is silly.

So I picked up the prescription goggles. The term "prescription" is kind of a misnomer. They have a circle of goggle eyes with different strengths and you look through them until you find what you are. Of course, I am the worst prescription that they have (a -7.0 in both goggle eyes, I think I'm actually -7.5 in a regular eye, but they didn't have -7.5s), but I now have goggles that I can wear to class if I break my regular glasses (How funny would that be?!).

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