Friday, January 23, 2009

Tales from the Bus: Ears are funny like that

So I'm on the bus the other day and overhear a conversation between a guy and a girl.

Girl: I used to pierce my ears all the time. I had the professional earrings from when I first pierced my ears and I just did it myself. I did it like four times down here [her lobe] and then I did it once up here [the cartilage]. But then that one got a really weird bump on it. It was gross. I don't know what it was, but I had to, like, go to the doctor and he had to freeze it off.

Boy: Ears are funny like that.

Me: [internal dialogue] Wow, what a story to be talking about on the bus. Weird ear bumps getting frozen off by doctors. Why do we need to share medical information? Even though this isn't that bad as the big bloody tumor of last year. At least she's talking about this in person and not on her cell phone--

Girl: So what's your name?

Boy: Ben*.

Girl: Well, it's nice to meet you. I'm Fanny*. This is my stop.

Me: [internal dialogue] SHE WAS DISCUSSING HER FROZEN-OFF EAR BUMP WITH SOMEONE SHE NEVER MET BEFORE!!!!! baSdfjaklsdfjbshieknadksanfkds [head explodes]

One day I am going to do a blog post about "Rules of the Bus."

*names changed to protect the bumpy


Anonymous said...

I totally feel your pain. Most people on the bus don't have any etiquette at all. HELLO get your backpack out of my face, please? Ugh.

Stacie said...

Hi Kaci! I totally understand the backpack in the face annoyance. I also hate when the girl who is wearing leggings as pants stands right in front of where I'm sitting, giving me a view of her business. :(