Friday, January 2, 2009

Culture: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Tonight my cousin invited Hal and I to join her and her husband for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Cousin is in marketing and the tickets were left over.

What a crazy show! I'm very happy we don't have epilepsy, because it was definitely seizure-inducing with the strobe lights and lasers. The best parts of the show involved the lights along with the music.

Well, the other best part of the show was watching the people sitting on the floor in front of the stage. We decided that they must have gotten to the area at around 2 o'clock to practice their rhythmic clapping and the way the would leap to their feet in unison! It was sometimes much more entertaining to watch these people, many of whom were playing "air drums" or mimicking the actions of the singers.

Other than that, a nice day. We ate lunch with some family friends of ours, which we always enjoy. The youngest child (out of 3 girls), who is 17, is my parents' god-daughter. It's always great to see the girls because we grew up with them.

So we are definitely enjoying our trip home!

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