Monday, January 5, 2009

Uncle Bob

One of my most faithful readers is my Uncle Bob. He always mentions something he has read on the blog when I see him.

Uncle Bob had open heart surgery recently. Dad and I took him some lunch on Saturday. When it's below 40 degrees outside, he isn't allowed out of the house because of the stress the cold places on his heart. He's in great spirits and as well as some pain, and we were able to tease him about his "Perkies" (his Percocets he was prescribed for the pain). After eating, Dad and Bob (who are brothers) sat around reminiscing.

It's always a gift to sit around and listen to stories of the past. Not so long ago, I was listening, rapt, as my grandfather would tell his stories in the same kitchen. I love learning about the strange neighbors and goofy moments growing up. I found out, among other things, that Bob used to hide in a playhouse in the backyard of a family who loathed children (despite the fact they had their own). They hated whenever anyone stepped on their yard, and always made a big deal, screaming and yelling, to chase children out of their yard. It was precisely because of this that Bob would often hide there -- he did it because they were so rude about it; he did it to get their goat. (I didn't know that Bob was so mischievous!)

So, Uncle Bob, thanks for reading and FEEL BETTER SOON!

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