Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

Today, we woke up to this:


School was delayed until noon and then canceled. Although Hal works at the university, he is not "essential" and therefore, since he is not a maintenance person or a dorm cafeteria worker, he was able to stay home. We spent a lot of the day being lazy and we ate grilled cheese sandwiches and Mrs. Grass soup for lunch (yum!).

Not all of us were lazy, however. Poor Layla...



Layla did an excellent job in the "backyard," running around in snow that was up to her chest!

Actually...she also spent plenty of time being lazy. Here she is UNDER the covers on the bed:


(We need to trim her nails!)

After lounging around for most of the day, Hal decided he had had enough of indoor stuff. We knew we couldn't get the car out (people were spinning their wheels in the parking lot all day), but we live relatively close to some restaurants and stores. So he decided we should walk to dinner.

Here he is, in all his walking to dinner glory (looking like the Unabomber):


And walk we did.

We set off for Chili's, which is the closest restaurant (besides McDonald's and Pizza Hut) to our townhouse. We walked the 15 minutes, our glasses fogging up, my nose getting colder and colder. After a couple of minutes, I said, "Are you sure this place is open?" Hal, indeed, was not sure, and I told him that I was going to be very angry (I said pissed) if we walked all the way there and it was closed. So he called the place and they were indeed open.

We had a delightful dinner of chicken tacos and walked home. At times I took off my glasses becuase they were so foggy. Then I came to a large dark spot in the sidewalk (this particular stretch was pretty clear). I gingerly stuck my foot out and tested it.

"Is this a large gaping hole?" I asked.

Hal laughed. "That is a manhole cover."

I put my glasses back on.

Tomorrow we go back to the grind, but it's always nice to have a SNOW DAY!

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BoufMom9 said...

HOLY cow! That's a lot of snow!
very funny about your glasses and the manhole cover. LOL

PS thank you so much for keeping Tuesday in your thoughts and prayers. Today was a very sad day for her :(